Invest in Creativity

Made at Saltonstall. Resident artist Courtney "scrap" Wrenn (r) discusses her work with two guests during our June 9, 2013 Open House. (Bless Yourself, 52"x62," acrylic medium and original photos on canvas.)

Dear Friends,

For 19 years the Saltonstall Foundation and Saltonstall Arts Colony have been providing the two things most valuable to artists and writers – time and space.

Our founder Connie Saltonstall acted on her conviction that artists and writers need and deserve support. We continue to express this belief through our fully-supported summer residency program, and through subsidized retreat space between October and April. We support the creation of art and literature at its source. We make a difference in the lives of those who strive to make a living as creative individuals. 

These are exciting times at Saltonstall. We created a new online application process this year, making it easier for many people to apply for a residency. Next year we are offering a shorter two-week residency option for the first time in an effort to serve artists and writers for whom a month away from home or work is impossible.

We have supported 35 artists and writers with subsidized retreat space this year-to-date during our off-season. Half of those individuals were from the greater Ithaca area. We also created a special residency for Ithaca City School District teachers during their Winter Recess in February.

Our two colony buildings received a much-needed fresh coat of paint in April, and next spring we will begin repairing and improving our driveway, making it much easier to get to the colony. Local writer Bob Proehl (’13) will be joining the board in January. Bob will be the first alum to serve in a number of years.

But we need your help. We can no longer depend on Connie’s founding gift as our sole source of income. Our facilities, now nearly 20 years old, are in need of renovation and ongoing upkeep. We have increased the number of artists we serve, and we know we can do even more to serve artists and writers, both throughout the State and here in our local community with increased and innovative programming. 

Won’t you join us? Please help to ensure that we will remain an active, vital organization for future generations of artists and writers. Your gift – in any amount – is deeply appreciated.

Donate online to the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

With thanks,

Barry Perlus                             Lesley Williamson
Board President                        Director

(Residency alumni, donate at least $50 and be entered to win a free two-night stay at the colony in 2014! Fine print: excludes our residency period, May - Sept, and the month of October.)

Levels of Giving:

Friend of Saltonstall: up to $35
Artist's Circle: up to $100
Writer's Circle: up to $500
Patron's Circle: up to $2,500
Benefactor's Circle: up to $10,000
Connie's Circle: $10,000+

In their own words:

“I enjoyed a perfect storm at Saltonstall this past September. It’s the convergence of so many ideal circumstances: hours of solitude in a spacious studio; exceptional food; a gracious and remarkable group of fellow artists; and a real sense of caring that makes Saltonstall feel like home—without the distractions.  I’ve gotten good work done elsewhere, but Saltonstall is unique.”  – Jonathan Blunk ('12)

“I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience I had this month at Saltonstall. I feel like I've gotten a lot of work done, both in completing my Treece project and jumpstarting something new. The month there was incredibly invaluable.” – Dina Kantor ('13)

“I just thought of you because the short story I worked on during my residency last year was published this week, and I wanted to express gratitude for the Saltonstall stay, since the piece would not have come into existence otherwise.” – Celina Su ('12)

“I still don't know how I came to receive such a gift as this. Like other residencies, Saltonstall offers open time to set into your own creative pace... But unique to Saltonstall is an especial quiet and spaciousness. The small and devoted staff made it possible for us to work, eat, sleep, and relax as if there was absolutely nothing else the world could ask of us.” – Annie Jacobs  ('12)

“Thank you, Connie. An amazing gift you've left us. My heart and my work have been influenced by my brief time here” – Linda Esterley, visual artist (Syracuse)

"I had an incredibly lovely and productive stay at Saltonstall for three cold weeks in January 2013. Each day, luxuriously long, consisted of reading, writing, and occasionally taking a break to stomp through the snowy woods behind the house. Although I live in Manhattan, I’m from Syracuse, and I found it blissful to sink back into the quieter rhythms of life upstate – especially quiet at Saltonstall where the only distractions are the lit magazines left behind by other residents. I churned out more pages in three weeks than I have in a very long and I hope to return again soon." Rachel Friedman, writer (NYC)