Application Guidelines

The deadline for our 2015 juried residency program has now passed, but please read on to learn about Saltonstall’s Application Guidelines.

We accept New York State writers and artists for residencies in the following categories:


  • Poetry
  • Fiction & Creative Nonfiction
  • Photography (film or digital) & Filmmaking
  • PSVA: Painting | Sculpture | Visual Arts


We are happy to announce that we’ll be switching over to Submittable, an easy, online submission manger, for the first time this year. If you are not already signed-up with Submittable, you will need to register for a free account. Submittable will help make the application process smooth and simple for you and for us.


We encourage artists and writers in every stage of their career regardless of education or experience to apply. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, or national origin.


If you have applied in the past and have not been selected for a residency, don’t be discouraged! Our juries change yearly, so you have a legitimate chance every year. For example, this past season, two of our visual arts Fellows had applied in the past and had not been awarded a residency until they re-applied this year.

Preparing your application material:


More detailed application instructions specific to each discipline are included within Submittable. However, in all cases, we ask for the following things:


Basic personal information and a preference regarding residency dates


A resume (not seen by the jury.) This can be any length and can be named whatever you’d like.


2 personal references (not seen by the jury.) Please note: we are not asking for letters of reference. Nothing should be mailed or emailed to us. We are simply asking for the contact information for 2 people who can act as personal references for you.


An artist’s or writer’s statement. For all disciplines, we ask for a 500 – 750 word statement about your work.


Work samples and a file list (for visual artists.) This is the most important part of your application. Poets, we ask for 15 pages of work; fiction and nonfiction writers, we ask for 30 pages of work. Visual artists and photographers are asked to submit 10 images, and filmmakers are asked to submit 1-2 samples of their work, up to 5 min. in length. (Again, more detailed information is contained within Submittable.)


A $25 application fee, payable with a credit card or via PayPal


We convene a different jury for each discipline, and they change each year. Jurors serve anonymously. Your application is considered solely on the merit of your work sample and your artist’s and writer’s statement.

What does “blind” mean, and why is it important?


We are conducting a blind jurying process this year. This means that your application will be assigned a number by the Saltonstall office. Your work and statement are presented anonymously to the jury, and it is the only part of your application that they see. The jury will not know who you are. They will not see your name, your resume, or your references.


Because of this, it is very important that you do not identify yourself in any way within your statement or work samples.


Do not include information such as your name or your age. Do not “credential” yourself. Your statement should not mention where you went to school or where you’ve been published, exhibited, etc. Simply talk about the work that the jury is reviewing.

One month? Or two weeks?


Applicants may apply for either a month-long residency or a two-week residency (not both). Applicants may apply in more than one artistic or literary category, however a complete and separate application for each category is required.

Residency alumni:


Alumni of Saltonstalls residency program can now re-apply for a residency every other year. (i.e. 2013 Fellows are eligible to re-apply for a 2015 residency.)

Two absolute requirements


All applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. The residency program is open to legal residents of New York State (all counties). This means you must be living and working in the State of New York at the time of your application and at the time of your residency (if awarded.)


Applicants should seriously consider whether the communal environment of the colony suits their temperaments and work habits. The Foundation requires that those selected for residencies firmly commit to spending their awarded residency period at the colony.


We strongly encourage all applicants to apply on-line. Please call our office at 607-539-3146 if you are unable to apply on-line, and we will work to accommodate you.



Please visit our FAQs page for other commonly asked questions about our residency program.



** Click here ** to go to our Application page. Our Submittable portal is located there.