Poet Robin Beth Schaer (’07 + ’12) publishes debut collection

tumblr_inline_nk4yvyN9801t8e5rpTwo-time poetry Fellow Robin Beth Schaer (’07 + ’12) is already receiving accolades and stunning reviews for her first collection of poetry, Shipbreaking, published this month by Anhinga Press.


logo-smIn an August 1st review in The Rumpus, Julie Marie Wade wrote: Some poets play the spoons, but Schaer plays the knives. Her words are not so much written as carved, her lines not so much offerings as incisions. As a consequence, whatever this speaker tells me—”Even coral must dream of cobwebs,” “Without grief, the gun is artifact, “A javelin anchors the air/ between us”—I’ll believe.



tumblr_nr4xqaPpSq1u80mtoo1_500Shipbreaking is a book about being saved while recognizing loss … If we trust our poets enough, we allow them to cause wounds and then apply the salves.” – The Millions Most Anticipated Book Preview