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Colleen Kinder (’11) in AFAR

Colleen Kinder (’11) in AFAR

Alumna and esteemed travel writer Colleen Kinder (’11) will sweep you away in her article about a train trip through Canada.


Constance Saltonstall
(1944 – 1994)

Supporting the Visual & Literary Artists of New York State

The Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts supports New York State artists and writers through two key programs held at our colony in Ithaca, New York: our juried summer residency program and our off-season, do-it-yourself retreats.

Our two-week and four-week summer residencies run from May to September each year. Our residencies, or Fellowships, are competitive, stipend-supported, and inclusive.

Between October and April, we offer our colony’s five private apartments and studios on a first-come, first-served basis to residency alumni, our local arts community, and any dedicated writer or artist from around the state. This program is not juried but does require a statement of purpose.