Sep 16, 2020 | Featured News & Events

Construction update!


Since our last update, written just after the cement floor was poured, the entire addition has been framed. It’s amazing to see. The eave of the existing studio building has been cut away, and we said goodbye to the overhang of the doorway. A secret gutter has been installed that will be invisible once the shou sugi ban siding is affixed to the 12-in. bump-out.


We’re currently waiting on all the doors and windows to arrive and for the black metal standing seam roof to be installed. Our general contractor, Mark Hulslander of Pennwood Development is beginning to work on the new accessible bathroom, which will require a little demolition in the existing studio.


The photo above, taken by Mark on Tuesday, September 15, shows the entire accessible addition lit from within, with all the window and door openings. The photo below was taken a few weeks ago from the far corner of the new studio, looking across the length of the space towards the future half-bath and kitchen. The framing for an enormous pivoting wall that will separate the studio from the rest of the space is just visible at the top of the sloped ceiling in the foreground.


interior of the new addition with cement floor and all interior framing complete