Dec 6, 2016 | Featured News & Events, News




Lida Suchy’s ( ’10 and ’16)  beautiful and lush large format photos were featured in the New York Times Lens segment on December 5.


An excerpt from the article Life, Up Close, in a Ukranian Village:

“Most of the news coming from Ukraine focuses on the war, the violence, the destruction and extreme problems that are stereotyped. I wanted to show the everyday life of ordinary people,” she said. “I really feel a kinship with them. I would like to transfer, if possible, that sense of touch, that sense of closeness, that I feel with the people.”


Lida Suchy is photographer who chronicles communities through portraiture. She is a first generation American born into a refugee family from Eastern Europe. Suchy often draws on this background as inspiration for her work. She received her B.A from SUNY Albany and her M.F.A from the Yale School of Art. For this work she was awarded a 2010 Light Work Grant in Photography; a NYSCA Individual Artist’s Grant (2008); and a CEC ArtsLink Grant (1996).


Image: Eudosia Sorochan, a former political prisoner, had been forced to sort uranium ore with her bare hands. 1996. Lida Suchy