Sep 18, 2018 | Featured News & Events, News

Alumna Rachel Fein Smolinski was chosen as the winner for the 2017 award of the John Chervinsky Emerging Scholarship. Her exhibit  ” The Infinite Internal” on view at the Griffin Museum of Photography is based on her submission for the scholarship.

The Infinite Internal has three chapters: “The Sex Lives of Animals without Backbones”, “A Science of Desirable/Detestable Bodies”, and “The Prosthetic Practice for the Healing of Imaginary Wounds” that integrate disparate imagery, from highly stylized documents, photographs, videos of dissections, and sourced diagrams from scientific education materials used to create spaces that probe the relationship that intellectualism has with authority, gender, sexuality, and psychology.”

The exhibit will be on view September 11 – October 5.

Congratulations, Rachel!

Image: Rachel in her studio during her residency at Saltonstall, summer 2016.