Anesti Zakos (2000)

anestizakos copy“Over time, wood weathers, metal oxidizes, and dust gathers on all things. Time passes, inescapably, and changes everything in its path. I hope to both tell the story of an object’s journey through time, to present the moment of its creation, and witness time’s unavoidable effects as the piece’s journey continues. Just as each of us weathers, so too does the work; our appearances change, and time moves on. Yet time itself is impermanent, each moment slipping immediately into the past.”


Anesti Zakos is a painter and sculptor from Ithaca, NY. His work mainly focuses on around the themes of relationships that bind us together and the passing of time that cannot be escaped. He uses materials that are similar and different, steel and wood, or juxtaposes painting to maintain perspective and poise.


Visual Arts