Christine Elfman (2009)

christineelf“I take time to make things that time takes away. I bleed a flower to turn its substance into image, only for it to fade away.  I steal salt from Death Valley to distill a photographic preservative, as if all photographs were things pickled in brine. These pictures express the impossible desire for permanence. If I try to capture an essence, it comes in the form of constant change. The thing evades my grasp, refusing to be pinned down; and the harder I try to keep it still, the faster it fades.”


Chistine Elfman tries to emulate change of time through photography, painting, and film. She has worked extensively with 19th century photographic processes as an intern for France Scully Osterman and in her studio in Rochester, NY. Her work has been exhibited nationally, and has received several awards and fellowships.


Elfman holds a B.F.A in Painting from Cornell University and an M.F.A in Photography from California College of the Arts. She currently photography and works at the Berkeley Art Museum cataloging the 19th century photography collection.