Kathryn Shearman (2008

kathrynsherm copy“The body of my work resists categorization as visual art, performance art, music, or theatre. Rather than try to squeeze my ideas, which move freely through a wide array of media and histories, into a well defined and understood form, I embrace the freedom that my relative position in the world affords me. I recognize fully the importance of community and make it a central aspect of my art making. 


I have been making work professionally since graduating from Cornell University in 2006. In the three years since I have built two commissioned works, created and performed two evening length dinner-dance-theatre works, shown my visual art in several group and solo shows, danced in choreographed works in Ithaca, Kosovo, San Francisco, New York, and Virginia, produced three public performances ranging from dance to installation, volunteered in New Orleans doing Katrina clean-up work, and rode my bicycle across the country performing in Laundromats along the way, wrote and recorded an album, toured as a musician (also on bicycle,) and filled four notebooks with ideas for more. 


My current projects include a 40-minute constant motion dance piece, two drawing/painting projects exploring the physical and commercial landscape of San Francisco, and a new body of sound work for film productions. The through-line for all of this work is site-specific. Each project eminates from my non-linear exploration of life and communities. I am involved in many collaborations and find it useful to share ideas with artists from many different disciplines and backgrounds.”



Visual Arts