Robin Starbuck (2019)

Robin Starbuck is a New York based experimental filmmaker and animator. Her work in experimental video, installation art, and painting has been exhibited in Museums, Cultural Centers, Galleries, and festivals in the United States, Europe and South America. She has received multiple awards and grants and numerous fellowships for artist residencies both nationally and internationally. Starbuck’s studio orientation is in inter-media installation and animation. She has recently completed several films including “The Stag’s Mirror”, a film shot in Chiapas, Mexico and “Going to the Horses”, a feature length documentary on Charlie Real Bird of the Crow/Apsaalooke nation in Montana. Her current projects include the production of an animated short from an Apsaalooke traditional story and the experimental ethnographic film “Howe We See Water” based in Amatanango, Mexico.  Robin continues to produce film projections for theater. She has recently completed projections for Director and Sarah Lawrence Professor, Ernest Abuba, for the Korean play “You for Me and Me for You” written by Mia Chung.


Robin is a tenured Professor of Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she teaches courses in experimental film and animated media. She holds her MFA with a focus in multimedia installation and performance art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a post-graduate certificate in Film/Video Editing and Post-production from the Tisch School of the Arts, at NYU in New York City. Robin Starbuck is a native New Yorker and an adopted daughter of the Crow/Apsaalooke tribe in Montana.