Tasha Depp (2019)

In the last five years, Tasha Depp has continued to explore means of showing art outside of gallery and traditional art viewing situations. She co-curated  “Mobile Home Show,” a pop-up exhibition in which invited artists displayed work relevant to the living spaces in a mobile home. She has maintained a digital sketching practice that she shares on a Facebook page called Suburban Scrawl. She exhibited an ever-expanding slideshow of these sketches in “The Stories We Tell” at  the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz in 2015 and “Drawing Discourse” at the University of North Carolina in 2018. She created sketches and made them available to viewers through UPC codes that they could access using their smartphones in “Hidden Gallery,” an exhibition in Palenville, NY.


Most recently, Tasha has been painting on surfaces composited of canvas and found objects. She has also been working collaboratively with another artist, Joann Alvis, on interfacing traditional representational painting with video.  Some of this work was displayed in “Staring Into Space,” an on-line exhibition of the Mid-America College Association in March 2018. Another piece was shown in a benefit show for the Greene County Council for the Arts in Catskill in 2018. Most recently, this past summer, Tasha and Joann were invited to create a site specific work for  “What’s Next?” at the Unison Arts Center in New Paltz, NY. The piece, entitled “Garderobe” remains on display throughout the year.




Visual Arts