Tatana Kellner (2000)


TatanaKellner“My work is rooted in social issues. Growing up in communist Czechoslovakia as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I was told to toe the line in school while at home ‘do not trust them’ was the dictum. This conflicting advice provided a schizophrenic lens with which I see the world.”


Tatana Kellner is a photographer, paper artist, printmaker, book artist, and installation artist. She uses heher installations, drawings, photographs and books to comment on economis, political,environmental, and social justice issues.


Her work has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Fort Collins,  Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, and Center for Photography at Woodstock, Bucknell University in Lewisburg, and Creative Concepts, Neuberger Museum, and District Fine Arts Gallery. Kellner’s work has been collected by the Tate Library in London, Albright Knox, RIT, Yale University Library, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, and many more.


She is also the recipient of two NYFA Fellowships, a NYFA Catalog Project, two Photographer’s Fund Award from the Center for Photography at Woodstock, two Puffin Foundation Grants, and the Ruth Chenven Foundation Grant.


Kellner lives and works in Kingston, NY.