Tina Gauthier (1998)


tinagauthier copyTina Gauthier has been a working artist since 1993 participating in solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Connecticut, France, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and New Zealand. She completed two and a half years of Clinical Pastoral Education, a hospital training program for interfaith chaplains, and practiced Zen Buddhism at the Sweetwater Zen Center in National City, CA. With her work she wants to explore spontaneity and how the creative process parallels living and dying, integrating art, Buddhism and chaplaincy.


Her focus is to create art in the moment, relying on the process rather than on the product. Currently, she is interested in bringing the process of creating into a group process. She has explored this through facilitating spirituality groups at Sharp Behavioral Health facility in San Diego, creating a New Year’s sand Mandala, murals and other community art projects with the Sweetwater Zen Center.


She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Visual Arts