Yeon Jin Kim (2009)

yeonjinkim copy“My work makes room for the viewer as a participant in and interpreter of events, not simply as the passive recipient of completely formulated experiences. This role for the viewer is crucial as it encourages an activated subject, willing to engage art, and by extension, life, in an adventurous, open-minded way. I believe in the capacity and desire of the public for complex, meaningful experience.”


Yeon Jin Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in 1978 and received her B.F.A from Seoul National University in 2002. In 2008, Kim received her M.F.A from Hunter College. She is a sculptor, illustrator, and animator. A lot of her work is based off of recurring dreams. She makes three-dimensional models from cardboard boxes, paper, tape, plastic, hair, and pencil or watercolor drawings. Kim arranges the drawings and models in succession, sometimes reaching 300 to 400 ft in length, then films them in one take with a small spy camera.


Kim has been in several shows across the U.S, and throughout Europe and Asia. She has received several awards and fellowships as well. Her work has been presented in the “Reel Venus Film Festival” at Anthology Film Archive in NYC and the “Third Festival” in Cairo, Egypt. Kim currently resides in New York, New York.



Visual Arts