Cristina de Gennaro (2006)

cristinadegen copyCristina de Gennaro received he B.A and M.A from the University of Texas. In 1995, she received her M.F.A from Stanford University. Upon graduating from Stanford, she was offered a Visiting Assistant Professor of Painting position at Syracuse University from 1995-96. In the summer of 1996, she taught painting for SU’s Division of International Programs Abroad in Florence, Italy. Later that fall she started teaching at the College of New Rochelle and continues to work there.


Gennaro is the primary painting and drawing professor at CNR. She teaches all levels of undergraduate painting, drawing, and figure drawing. In 2005 she co-developed the Integrated Media course, which introduces students to installation, environmental, audio/video, collaboration, and performance art. She also co-developed a class called Art and Science Parallels, which introduces juniors and seniors to comparing/contrasting methodologies and skills from two disciplines. Gennaro has been a member of many committees at CNR over the past 18 years that she has worked there. She currently resides in New Rochelle, NY.