Nikolay Mikushkin (2010)

nikolaym copy” Nature is constantly in our lives. It is the begging of everything. Nature is what stimulates us toward the positive, even if we don’t know it. My paintings allow for the viewer to image themselves in that place. I want to capture not only the physical qualities of the scene, but the mood and complete ambience that, that specific location gives off.”


Nikolay Mikushkin was born in a small town in Kazakhstan, Russia. At around the age of 17 he studied at the College of Fine Art in central Russia and graduated two years later with a degree in Art Design. He then studied fine art at the St. Petersburg Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture for the next four years, concentrating mainly on Russian realism. In 1996 he moved to NYC and became a scenic artist for the United Scenic Artists Union.  Mikushkin is a “plein air” landscape artist that has always been driven and fascinated with the rural environments that surrounded him. He and his family currently reside in Syracuse, NY.